Devlog Week 3 - Game Level Overview & Character Art

In this week, we are create our game design level. Here's the layout :

This is the game design level overview on first stage. The red rectangle indicates the player position at the begining of the game and at the finish line. The violet rectangle indicates the player shadow respawn position when player switched character to it's shadow form. There are an obstacles (looked door) that block the player path, so the player need to switch to shadow position and find a key to unlock the door to continue his adventure. This obstacles is seperated each other by a short distance between it. The light ray will come with interval and if the shadow walk when the light ray is on, the shadow will instantly killed. The shadow dimension obstacles and properties is mirrored by the real dimension obstacles and properties

We also create the character design of our game, here's the picture : 


The character is using a cartoon art style. In the future update, the character will carry a bow and and arrow tube, because the player will kill/slay the enemy using his arrow shot.

The script and game code is still on developing process and we will post the the progress on next week

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great...  hopefully the script will have similar detail of information next week